Jewelry resizing

One of the main reasons why some jewelry can no longer be worn is that it is no longer the right size.

It can be inherited jewelry, wedding rings that no longer fit after a number of years, or maybe a loved one wanted to surprise you, but did not know the right size for you for the chosen jewelry. Whatever the situation, there is a solution: jewelry resizing. It is a service that we, the Zehava jewelry house, offer to anyone who needs it.

Maybe you also have a piece of jewelry in your collection that doesn't fit you anymore, or maybe you received a ring as a gift with the wrong size for you. However, there is no need to worry, the Zehava jewelers team can restore the functionality of your beloved jewelry. You will be able to wear them again with joy, instead of keeping them hidden and forgotten.

We can resize engagement rings, wedding rings, bracelets and any other piece of jewelry you want, regardless of whether it was purchased in Zehava stores or elsewhere.

You can contact us by e-mail ( ) or by phone 0754.037.737 , if you have certain questions or you can come directly to the Zehava showroom.

We look forward to giving you the opportunity to wear your favorite jewelry again!