Plating with gold and rhodium

Gold is a precious metal valued for its luster, but also for its stability against corrosive agents.

Rhodium is one of the most expensive and rare precious metals, it is part of the platinum family, it has a high hardness and a great resistance to corrosion and oxidation in humid air.

Plating jewelry with gold and rhodium is a process that gives the jewelry a special shine, increases resistance to scratches and ensures a long life of the pieces.

This plating is done for white gold jewelry, especially for engagement rings and wedding rings, jewelry that is worn almost permanently and for many years.

Protecting these jewels is a worthwhile investment that you can make too.

If you want us to offer you this service, you can contact us by e-mail ( ) or by phone 0754.037.737 , or you can come directly to the Zehava showroom.

We are looking forward to giving you extra resistance and shine to your soul jewels!