Lifetime guarantee for Zehava jewelry

Every Zehava jewelry comes with a lifetime warranty and free maintenance services.

We believe in the quality of the jewelry we create and believe it is our duty to maintain its brilliance and functionality for life.

You can contact us with confidence in any of the following situations:

  • - when you notice that precious stones have lost their shine;
  • - if you need the resizing of engagement rings or wedding rings;
  • - if you notice that a stone in the ring moves easily or is even lost;
  • - if the jewelry has suffered scratches; if a clasp seems unsafe or has even broken;
  • - any other situation due to which you can no longer wear the jewelry.

So, whether you've lost a stone from your ring or want to bring it back to its original shine, we take care of all the reconditioning services that the jewel purchased from us needs.

Whenever you need, you can contact us by e-mail > or by phone 0754.037.737 , if you have any questions, or you can come directly to the Zehava showroom.

We are happy to offer you this lifetime guarantee and look forward to purchasing the jewelry we create!